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How to Stop Timesharing

I got divorced in Florida earlier this year and we agreed to split custody of our dogs. Do I still have to abide by that now? We agreed to share the dogs for 6 months on and 6 months off. Now I don’t want the dogs because It’s far too stressful to maintain contact...

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Divorce With An International Party

Can certified mail sent by a spouse, not the court, be used to get a divorce in Florida? The papers were sent by her lawyer. She wants me to sign and give up my right to a hearing before a judge. The papers are blank, and she didn’t include the debts. Then she told me...

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Which Name Should I Use?

Can I use my anglicized name on legal documents such as insurance, investments, and bank accounts? I use my anglicized name for business to help people pronounce my name correctly, and I have an affidavit telling people that I use my anglicized name. What should I...

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