Trusted Guidance On Your Same-Sex Divorce Journey From An LGBTQ+ Ally

If you’re an LGBTQ+ person facing the prospect of divorce, you may be struggling with the usual fears, stressors and uncertainties that come with ending a marriage. On top of that, you’re facing the unique challenges of same-sex divorce. Not every lawyer has the understanding or welcoming approach to fully support you during your divorce journey. That’s where I come in.

I’m Mark Sawicki, a same-sex divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Gardens. I’ve long been a committed advocate and ally for the LGBTQ+ community. I will treat you with dignity and respect. Here, you’ll be like family.

Standing By You In Florida’s Shifting Legal Landscape On LGBTQ+ Issues

Florida’s stance on LGBTQ+ issues has been less than friendly. Our state was one of the last to recognize same-sex marriage in 2015 after a pivotal court ruling. I understand how difficult it can be to live authentically in a state that is actively hostile toward the LGBTQ+ community. I keep abreast of the latest shifts in Florida family law to ensure that I can offer you the most current and effective legal advice.

Although the divorce process for same-sex couples mirrors that of other marriages, you’ll face unique considerations and hurdles, especially if you’ve built your family through adoption or assisted reproduction. Disputes over parenting time and custody can raise complications, particularly if the nonbiological parent hasn’t officially adopted the child,

With my background in assisted reproductive technology (ART) law – which is a major focus of my practice – I have an in-depth understanding of these special situations.

Let’s Walk This Path Together

Divorce can feel isolating. I’m here to support and advocate for you. As a seasoned Florida LGBTQ+ divorce attorney, I will provide clear guidance and an open-hearted approach, walking with you on each step of your journey.

Contact my firm, Mark E. Sawicki, P.A., at 954-928-9331 for a free consultation. Here, your concerns will be heard, your rights protected and your family respected.