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Legal name changes in Florida is a process that involves petitioning the court to change a first, middle or last name. Based on the complex nature of this process, it is always advised for you to seek the counsel of an experienced Florida family lawyer.

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In many ways, divorce is both an end and a beginning—the dissolution of a marriage and the beginning of a new life as a single person. Many divorced individuals feel that that a new life must also come with a name change. In most cases, this means changing the last name of the wife back to her maiden name. In recent years, with some husbands opting to adopting their wife’s family name or couples changing both of their surnames, there had been a few husbands who also request for post-divorce name changes. Sometimes, one spouse may also want to change the last name of their child.

Name changes do not happen automatically after a divorce. The most efficient way to change names after a divorce is to incorporate any changes in names of one or both of the spouses in the divorce settlement. When the agreement is filed with a court, this becomes a supporting document for changing the names in the requesting party’s other documents.

Name change can also be requested for all children of the dissolved marriage. Again, the best way to do this is through the divorce settlement. In cases where this is not part of the final agreement, the name change for a child can only happen with the permission of the other parent or all others who have parental responsibility for the child. It is best to consult with a legal expert on how this procedure can be done.
When a name change for a former spouse or a child is granted, this does not automatically update all other documents and papers of the person whose name was changed. It is important to file the new name, backed by supporting documents such as the final agreement, for the person’s social security card, passport, licenses, bankcards, and utilities registration.

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