Use Social Media To Your Advantage During Your Divorce And In Your Single Parenting Life Afterward

Social media has taken a central role in the reality of the day-to-day lifestyles of many Americans. Both individuals and organizations often use these channels of communication for essential purposes such as for interactions between teachers and parents about children’s school life. Government agencies, utility companies, faith communities, and athletic teams often communicate more readily through social media than through phone calls or face-to-face meetings. It is important to consider the potential impact of social media on divorce proceedings.

I am attorney Mark E. Sawicki. While I of course value in-person meetings with clients, my adept use of digital communications helps many others feel relaxed and reassured while working with me.

About Communication With Your Divorce Lawyer

Are you comfortable interacting through Zoom, leaving voicemail messages through WhatsApp, or paying legal bills online? I believe that part of my job is to adjust my schedule and meet my clients on their terms.

If we work together, I will pay attention to your social media communication preferences. My staff and I will keep track of the details so you can focus on your family and personal life.

Guard Your Privacy And Your Children’s Dignity

Navigating a life transition such as a divorce or a child custody dispute can become extra complicated and full of bumps in the road. It is easy to let your guard down and put your future and your family at risk through careless use of social media. If you begin dating again, your new social contacts may post photos of you on Facebook and other social media without your knowledge or consent. Even worse, your children’s private family life may be exposed in ways that they should not have to worry about.

Protecting privacy is essential during a family’s time of reorganization. For personalized advice, consult with a tech-savvy family law attorney as soon as your separation is underway.

Turn To An Attorney Who Can Guide You In The Uses And Pitfalls Of Social Media During A Divorce

At Mark E. Sawicki, P.A., even clients who do not use social media benefit from working with me, a modern and technical-savvy attorney. Regardless of your experiences and social media usage habits, I am here to protect you and to advise you in the direction of the outcomes that you seek.

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