When Assisted Reproduction Is Your Chosen Path To Build A Family

All of us are aware of nontraditional ways of adding to a family, including various forms of fostering and adoption. Assisted reproduction is another favored method of family planning and growth for many people. Using relatively new technological advances, fertility clinics work with genetic donors and assist intended parents, who may be:

  • Traditional couples, often grappling with infertility issues
  • Same-sex couples
  • Single parents-to-be by choice

Through assisted reproductive technology (ART), intended parents have options for the conception and gestation of carefully planned babies. Along with the medical, biological and psychological aspects of ART, legal elements require close attention at every step along the way.

At Mark E. Sawicki, P.A., parties entering into ART arrangements have access to an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge of alternative areas of family law. I am attorney Mark E. Sawicki. With offices in Palm Beach Gardens and Fort Lauderdale, I maintain connections with a wide range of professionals providing ART care for intended parents, donors and surrogates.

When you work with me, you will have the assurance that your legal bases are covered as you move forward with your plans to bring a child into the world through ART methods. I welcome inquiries from fertility doctors and clinics, family law attorneys and private individuals and couples.

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For Traditional Couples With Fertility Limitations

Perhaps one or both of you have been unable to conceive children naturally. Or, perhaps there are reasons for which pregnancy is not a viable option. You and your doctor(s) may have arrived at the opinion that in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is your most promising way forward. You may plan to use donor eggs and/or sperm, followed by implantation in the intended mother’s womb or the womb of a surrogate.

Regardless of the specifics involved in your ART baby-making plans, I can ensure that each involved party’s legal rights, as well as those of involved fertility specialists, are protected and responsibilities are properly addressed.

For Same-Sex Couples

You and your same-sex partner or spouse may prefer to provide genetic material from one or both of you – or use all-donor specimens – to conceive a child through a combination of these methods:

  • Egg and/or sperm harvesting
  • Artificial insemination
  • IVF followed by surrogacy

I can help you draft and formalize contracts to cover the preplanned adoption, donor and/or surrogacy agreements. I will help you meet the requirements of the fertility clinic that you work with. Also, I will help you arrive at agreements for reasonable compensation and the provision of necessary health care for the donor(s) and/or surrogate.

For Single Parents-To-Be By Choice

You may have explored other parenting options over the years. Now it is clear to you that a carefully planned son or daughter brought into your life through one or more of the following is the right choice for you:

  • Artificial insemination with donor sperm followed by your own pregnancy
  • Artificial insemination of a surrogate who will donate her egg and carry the baby to term
  • IVF using your egg or a donor egg and donor sperm followed by your own pregnancy
  • IVF using a donor’s egg and/or sperm followed by a gestational surrogate’s pregnancy

Once you and your doctor have determined the best way forward and you have found the necessary genetic donor(s) and/or surrogate, I can guide you confidently through the legal processes, including preplanned adoption if necessary.

Clarify Parental Rights And More In An ART Arrangement

Rest assured that most ART arrangements work well as intended. All parties concerned normally give careful thought and intentions to facilitate the birthing of much-wanted babies. Contracts and any necessary family court transactions can prevent unwanted complications while protecting the future child’s well-being. The Florida statute that addresses ART-assisted family planning includes the following provisions:

The donor of any egg, sperm, or pre-embryo, other than the commissioning couple or a father who has executed a preplanned adoption agreement … shall relinquish all maternal or paternal rights and obligations with respect to the donation or the resulting children.

To understand how this law applies as you approach an IVF or surrogacy arrangement, get personalized legal advice and assistance. Be ready to move forward with your intentions to become a parent or help someone else fulfill their parenting aspirations. Call me in Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach Gardens at 954-928-9331 or send a brief message for a prompt response.