Making Your Family Complete With Adoption

If you are a stepparent, grandparent, or person who wishes to adopt a child that is not biologically yours, I can help ensure that your process moves forward smoothly. I am Florida family law attorney Mark E. Sawicki. I founded my firm, Mark E. Sawicki, P.A., to offer personal, one-on-one guidance to my clients in adoption and Florida family law matters.

Legal Help With Growing Your Family

More than ever, individuals and families are opening their homes and their hearts to new children. It is not unusual for people who are not married to adopt children. The decision to adopt, while certainly a personal one, is supervised by the state, which works to ensure that the child will benefit from being legally placed under the responsibility of a person who is not the child’s biological parent. While the process has become a bit more streamlined, there are still hurdles to overcome and legal paperwork to be undertaken. I offer guidance and support to the people who wish to grow their families via adoption.

Laws That Impact Your Adoption

In the United States, the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 is the legal document that guides the adoption process. According to statistical data, since the law was passed in 1997, more children have been adopted from foster care than ever before. Information on adoption, licensed adoption agencies and other helpful data can be found on the U.S. government’s “The Child Information Agency” website. I will advise you as to your legal rights and put you in touch with necessary resources and relevant information.

The U.S. Adoption Process

Adoption can be handled by an individual or through a licensed agency. Most people – regardless of gender, race, marital status, income or age – can adopt as long as they can show proof that they have the means necessary to provide stable support for the child. If you believe that you are emotionally, financially and psychologically ready to adopt a child, the process starts with your application for adoption. The state will then perform a home study. If your application is approved and you pass the home study, the state gives you the green light to become an adoptive parent.

International Adoption

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can also elect to adopt from outside the United States. For these adoptions, it is advised that you work with a facilitator who will help with translations and transportation arrangements. While consulting with government agencies such as the Colorado Department of Human Services or the Council on Accreditation can be beneficial, working one-on-one with a family law attorney can ensure that all your paperwork is accurate and complete. This can save time, fees and headaches.

Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) And Preplanned Adoptions

Not all adoptions happen because biological or genetic parents are unavailable. In some cases, adoption is preplanned to enable intended parents to fulfill their family-building dreams. Genetic donor contracts, surrogacy contracts and preplanned adoption arrangements can address legal concerns, while also protecting the future child. The Florida law that covers ART-involved families spells out the following:

The donor of any egg, sperm, or pre-embryo, other than the commissioning couple or a father who has executed a preplanned adoption agreement … shall relinquish all maternal or paternal rights and obligations with respect to the donation or the resulting children.

For assistance putting together a preplanned adoption agreement in connection with an IVF or surrogacy arrangement in Florida, contact me, attorney Mark E. Sawicki.

Understand The Adoption Process In A Consultation

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