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Domestic violence is an unfortunate act that sometimes finds its way into marriages and households in Florida. If you find yourself involved in a domestic violence dispute, you should immediately contact a Florida family attorney.

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Many people are of the opinion that domestic violence must not be tolerated under any circumstances or justified by any excuses. Sadly, it happens in many American marriages with most victims being women and children. Domestic violence endangers the physical health and life of the victims, compromises their emotional and mental state, and affects their relatives, family, and friends in subtle ways. To escape from domestic violence, some individuals seek refuge in filing for a divorce.

Violence is repetitive, and most domestic abuses on record are repeats of numerous beatings that the victimized spouse has received within the marriage. Experts say that abusive spouses are often unable or unwilling to change, and therefore they continue to endanger their spouses and their children. Divorce can sometimes be the only option in resolving the situation. While it is good to get the advice of a divorce attorney, experts on domestic violence say that the abused spouse must first secure his or her own safety and the safety of children by calling the police or social services. Many violent spouses react with rage when confronted with the possibility of divorce.

According to legal experts, the victimized spouse should take advantage of the protection that the law offers by first filing for a restraining order. This means that the abusive spouse cannot come near the other spouse or their children, or they risk being arrested. The advantage to this is that the victimized spouse can usually stay in the conjugal house so that he or she does not have to worry about finding shelter on top of worrying about divorce proceedings. Aside from filing a divorce case, lawyers and social service workers also recommend filing a domestic violence case in court.
In filing for a divorce case with a domestic violence background, it is important that the specifics of abuse be documented in a very detailed and specific way. A history of repetitive violence will help show the court during divorce proceedings the plight of the abused spouse within the marriage, possibly helping shape the decision for child custody, child support, alimony, and even restrictions of access. A legal expert on divorce is needed to show all the options and strategies that the abused spouse can use in cases such as this.

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