Gay Couples May Have Some Additional, Unique Challenges

Even before the Supreme Court of the United States made gay marriage federally legal nationwide, Florida passed state legislation that allowed for gay/same-sex marriages and rights. At my law firm, Mark E. Sawicki, P.A., I help LGBTQ+ couples overcome family law obstacles.

Entering a legally binding agreement with another person is one thing, but marriage is an all-encompassing legal agreement. You need to find out the intricacies before you consider marriage in Florida. I can help.

Why Consult With An Attorney?

Today, same-sex couples can go down to the courthouse and obtain marriage licenses. However, it is in your best interests to consult an attorney if you are concerned about what could happen if the marriage lasts less than a lifetime. I can help with a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. This ensures that both people have a clear understanding of what they are bringing into the marriage and what they will leave with if the marriage ends.

Additionally, there are legal issues of which many people are unaware when they get married. Estates, finances and other legal aspects of your life will become intertwined with the other person. For such a serious legal commitment, it’s best to understand what you are agreeing to. I offer experienced guidance for gay couples on issues such as marriage, adoption, child custody, paternity, and divorce.

Work With An LGBTQ+ Advocate

Unfortunately, even today, there are people who hold old-world ideas and prejudices. I will help you navigate Florida’s legal waters. My motto is that I don’t just treat you like family, you are family. By that, I mean that I will endeavor to protect your peace however possible. Call 954-928-9331 for a consultation with me. You can also initiate contact with me via my online contact form. I help couples throughout Broward, Palm Beach, and Brevard counties, and the surrounding area.