Establishing Paternity (Father Unknown)

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

My daughter had a baby with severe health issues. She is unsure of the father but thinks she can find him on Tinder. She was blocked from her account because she posted Pay Pal info. She does not know any other way to contact the father. How should we go about finding this guy and establishing paternity? She wants him to know about the baby and health concerns.

For your own health reasons, we hope you retain the name, number, and contact information of all your sexual partners. To file a paternity action, you will need the party’s name and address to serve them. If you cannot access his information on your own, you could subpoena Tinder or check the Florida Putative Father Registry. Contact a qualified, experienced family law attorney like Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. to file a Paternity case in your county.