by | Apr 7, 2020 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

My husband filed for divorce after being charged with domestic violence. Now he’s on probation for a year. He claims he wants to reconcile but he’s refusing to stop the legal process until “I prove” certain things to him. Does this benefit him in any way? He makes very good money and the filing fee is not the issue. Can someone enlighten me on why he wouldn’t drop the case and if it benefits him in any way? Should I request my husband to legally stop the divorce process if we are currently reconciling and living together again?

If you are reconciling, your husband should voluntarily dismiss the divorce action. The benefit of keeping the divorce active would be that the date of filing will be the date that is considered for equitable distribution (dividing of assets and liabilities) if you don’t reconcile. The earlier date may entitle you to less if you do end up getting divorced if the reconciliation does not work. You should request your husband to voluntarily dismiss it while you try to work things out.