Full Custody Request

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

I am a mother and my son’s dad only had him for 3 weeks. Now he wants to give him to me. His dad is very unfit. What documents do I need to take to the court to get full custody of my son?

The Florida courts will not usually take away the other parent’s right to see their child, have overnights with their child, or have a relationship with their child or to make decisions regarding the child. What the courts may do is implement common sense provisions to protect a child.  The courts can give a parent shared responsibility with one person making the tie breaking decision if they cannot decide on an issue, supervised visits, daytime visits, or sometimes no visits until a condition is met such as mental health evaluations. The feasible outcome for people that want what they call full custody/sole custody is that the other parents’ responsibility and or time sharing is limited in certain ways.