Family law counsel for social media influencers

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Family attorney Mark E. Sawicki is proud to be the official Of Counsel attorney for Heitner Legal’s new venture, Influencer Law Firm. Social media influencers often require legal services such as trademarking, copyrighting, contract drafting and negotiation and compliance with advertising laws, which is where Influencer Law Firm comes in.

When those public personas need expert legal advice on family law, Influencer Law Firm calls Mark E. Sawicki. Whether going through a divorce or dealing with child custody, alimony, adoption or LGBTQ family law, Sawicki is the expert.

The social media world offers many opportunities for influencers to grow their brands and their personas. That’s why they rely on Influencer Law Firm for legal advice when it comes to issues such as contracts, advertising and intellectual property.

Like anyone else, though, social media influencers have families and need legal counsel. Being a busy, recognizable social media celebrity can put added stress on a family and bring up issues many people have never even though of dealing with. Mark Sawicki is proud to be the Of Counsel attorney for Influencer Law Firm. He has years of experience working with clients from all walks of life, including established professionals, young families and professional athletes.

Sawicki Law Firm specializes in providing all clients personalized legal services in a comfortable environment. As a client, you can expect a safe, private and comfortable environment to handle all family law issues.

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