COVID-19 raises a lot of questions in family law

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

COVID-19 essential travel and stay at home orders present some challenges in family law. It’s more important than ever to have an experienced, compassionate family law attorney that you can trust for guidance. The Law Office of Mark E. Sawicki is happy to help guide you through these unprecedented times.

Coronavirus quarantine requires families to stay in their homes. Child custody agreements require families to do the opposite. Parents must be on the move to make sure Mom and Dad get the time they are legally guaranteed with their children. What do they do?

It’s even more challenging if the child usually travels to spend time with one parent.  What if Jack spends the school year with Mom, then flies across the country to spend summer with Dad? That could be especially difficult right now.

What if Mom or Dad is a first responder, medical professional or other worker who is deemed essential and is working more hours than ever? That adds to the difficulty of maintaining and transferring custody.

Perhaps Victor and Nicki have been going through a difficult time in their marriage and are considering divorce. Maybe spending more time at home together during COVID-19 quarantine will help them work things out. Then again, maybe spending all that time together just reminds them why they are considering divorce in the first place. But there’s a problem. Many courts and offices are closed, which makes filing for divorce difficult. And what about living arrangements and financial considerations?

It seems that COVID-19 house arrest raises a lot of questions in family law. Family attorney Mark Sawicki will use his years of training and experience to help you find answers during these uncertain times. Contact us today to see how the Law Office of Mark E. Sawicki can help.