Temporary Custody

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

I am filing for 50% custody, but I want visitations in the meantime because my child’s mother will not allow me to see her. She keeps taking her away from me whenever she feels like I don’t want to do the thing and she asked me to do for her and not for the child. How can I get temporary custody of my child when I’m filing for 50% custody?

One of the first requirements to obtain temporary custody over a child is that the person seeking temporary custody must be an adult, or an emancipated minor. In addition, the person seeking temporary custody must also be an extended family member or a stepparent of the minor child. Since you are the father, this does not apply to you. It seems like you don’t have many rights to the child as of now. You should try to at least get supervised visits in the meantime while the court proceedings are going on.