Child Support, Full Custody

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

I have full custody of my son. He has  lived with his mother for the last year and a half. I allowed him to go live with her per his request. I raised him for over 9 years with no support from her and now she is trying to make me pay for child support. She has no legal rights to him so how does she have the grounds to pursue child support? Do I have to pay child support?

If there is an order requiring the mother to pay child support and she has not paid, then her Petition for Modification of Time Sharing and Child Support should be countered with a Motion for Contempt. If there was no such order for support and you requesting support would be for the first time, the court can order retroactive support for a period of 24 months before the date the initial action seeking such support is filed which could also provide you with some relief. The court can’t give you any credit for any period of time prior to the 24 months look back period. You may have other options open to you as well but only a one on one consultation with the attorney of your choice will expose those options.