Visitation Verbiage and School Schedules

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

How do you interpret “the parties shall equally divide the summer vacation on a week-on/week-off rotation commencing the first Friday (Father’s week) after school is released for summer break”? My ex-husband and I are in disagreement on the way this reads when school is released on a Friday. So, for instance if school is released on 6/8/2018 which is a Friday the first Friday after would be 6/15/2018. How do you interpret visitation verbiage?

It’s the Friday following (“after”) the release of school. If school is released on a Friday, it’s the next Friday. Visitation verbiage can be confusing and should be ironed out as simply as possible when the parenting plan is made. This is only general advice and should not be considered a specific legal assessment of your case or advice that would create an attorney-client relationship. For a consultation contact Mark E. Sawicki.