How to Escape a Violent Relationship

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Relationships are hard, and violent relationships are impossible. There are no good ends to a violent relationship, but the best thing to do is to walk away and free yourself from the torture. Do not feel like you are alone and helpless. There are safe ways out of a violent relationship and there are people here to help. The best thing to do is equip yourself with the right resources and surround yourself with the right kind of people to give you strength. If you feel like you need help getting out of a violent relationship, seek the help of a qualified family law attorney to discuss avenues of escape. Every person’s case is different and it takes an experienced mind to properly aid in getting out of a violent relationship.

How do I legally escape a violent relationship in Florida?

  • Escaping a violent relationship is difficult and the emotional toll involved is not to be taken lightly. There is no simple way to escape a violent relationship. Ending the relationship is the goal of any victim of a violent relationship, but this, again, is not simple. The many paths to a safe exit from a violent relationship are best discussed with seasoned professionals who deal with these sorts of things. Family counselors, experienced family law attorneys, law enforcement, and even financial advisors have all had to deal with victims of violent relationships. The legal avenues are available and it is up to the victim to push forward and take them.

How difficult is it to file a restraining order?

  • Not as difficult as you think. Contact a competent, professional family law attorney like Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. to discuss filing a restraining order. Do not approach the process by yourself or you will hit roadblocks you may, or may not be aware of because the legalities of filing a restraining order are simple, but detailed. Unfortunately, restraining orders are often denied in court because the plaintiff did not fully understand the requirements to successfully file a restraining order. You will understand the intricacies involved to successfully file a restraining order after talking with a qualified family law attorney.

Should I consult with a lawyer or the police?

  • In some cases, contacting both police and a lawyer is necessary to maintain your personal safety. Violent relationships are not something to take lightly. Mild threats can quickly escalate into life threatening situations when dealing with unstable individuals. It is advisable to seek the help of law enforcement officials if you are in immediate physical danger. If you are suffering through other forms of abuse, such as mentally or emotionally, there are people here to help. A qualified family law attorney will have resources available for those seeking help from a physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive relationship.

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Do not continue in a violent relationship because it will only end badly. The healthiest thing to do is to escape the relationship as quickly and safely as possible. By using legal avenues, and finding a support network to help you, there are safe ways out of a violent relationship. The best thing to do, first and foremost, is to speak with a family law attorney to get all the vital information you need to legally escape a violent relationship. Consulting with a family law attorney will set you on the right path and show you the way out of a violent relationship.