Financial Disclosure, Necessary or Not?

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

The problem with Financial Disclosures in a divorce, paternity, or custody trial is that the majority of information disclosed is already known to both attorneys and judge in the case. Very rarely does any new information come up that persuades a judge to lean one way or another. However, the law is the law and Financial Disclosure is required and tedious. The best way to deal with a case involving Financial Disclosure issues is to hire a qualified family law attorney. A competent family law attorney will deal with you and/or your financial advisor to produce the required documentation needed by the court to fulfill their Financial Disclosure request.

What is the point of Financial Disclosure?

  • Depending upon the case, the point of Financial Disclosure is allow parties to have full financial disclosure. Sometimes extensive Financial Disclosure lead to any evidence used during a divorce, paternity, or custody trial that changes the outcome. Divorce takes time and attorneys and judges have a right to pertinent financial information, however, the degree in which Financial Disclosure claims reach is extensive. This intensive search is burdensome to individuals and is best approached by experienced family law attorneys. Attempting to gather all the pertinent information yourself will take a lot of time and you should have an attorney help you.

Can I legally deny Financial Disclosure?

  • In Florida, you can not legally deny Financial Disclosure. The process is not difficult, but it is tedious. It is understandable to be frustrated with a Financial Disclosure request, and it is in your best interest to align your family law attorney with your financial advisor to make sure the process goes as quickly as possible. It is difficult to keep track of every piece of information the court requests, but it is within the court’s right to request them.

How to I comply with Financial Disclosure in Florida?

  • Have a qualified, family law attorney work with your financial advisor to produce all necessary files requested by the court. There really is no other option when it comes to Financial Disclosure. If you attempt to mask your earnings or hide mutual property, the penalties and court time will eventually catch up to you and then you will be out more money and risk possible jail time for no gain. Leave it to the professionals to deal with presenting your financial information to the courts as they will streamline the process.

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Financial Disclosure in a divorce, paternity, or custody trial is busy work. The information disclosed is known information and by the end of it, the judges have made their decision without even considering it. However, it is the right of anyone to request financial disclosure during a divorce, paternity, or custody trial under Florida Rule of Family Procedure 12.285. To make the process easy, use a qualified, experienced family law attorney. Otherwise, you will be stuck wasting time on frivolous information gathering when you could be getting back to the things that matter to you.