Divorce after Leaving Florida

by | Oct 7, 2017 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Getting away from an ex partner before, during, and after a divorce is common and understandable. However, do not just pick up and move the moment divorce is mentioned because moving to a new state or country without consulting the courts can be problematic and cause further hardship on you, your ex partner, and your children. The courts in Florida take divorce seriously and need to be informed of any intention of moving to another state. The decision to move to a new state or country has legal significance and should not be ignored.

So if you plan on divorcing and leaving the state, what should you do about your kids?

  • Don’t assume that divorcing your ex spouse means you are divorcing your kids. It is amazing that people actually think they are off the hook with their children upon divorcing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You are responsible for your children just as much as your ex spouse is responsible, so if you are planning on leaving the state after divorce, understand that your responsibilities as a parent follow you wherever you move. If you plan on leaving before filing for divorce, understand that you have to meet specific state requirements for residency in order to legally file for divorce. If you plan on leaving after divorce, many issues arise about your divorce that will be handled by the jurisdiction of your divorce . Meaning that any future dealings with your divorce or child issues should be dealt with by the state or jurisdiction in which you were divorced in.

What if you are in the process of divorce?

  • If you are in the process of divorce and looking to move to a new location, be very careful to fill out the proper paperwork with the courts BEFORE moving out of state. Any relocation longer than a vacation must be approved by the court during divorce proceedings. If you up and move in the middle of a divorce without informing the courts and filing the proper paperwork, you may be dragged back to court in the state you initiated the divorce proceedings to finalize the case. Judges will not give you leniency if you ignore informing them about your intent to move out of state while your divorce case is in process.

What if your ex is making it difficult for you to relocate?

  • Unfortunately, ex spouses have a tendency to be spiteful towards each other during and leading up to a divorce. This never leads to anywhere good for either partner or children involved in the divorce. The best way to deal with an ex Spouse making it difficult for you to relocate is to hire competent legal counsel to direct you in specifics of what you can and cannot do. Attempting to barrel through the requests of your ex Spouse like a bull to “get your way” can result in complications with your divorce and more money and time spent at court. Alternately, simply picking up and moving out of state can lead to further problems if you do not inform the court of your intentions to leave. Make sure you are legally covered before you make any move during, before, or after a divorce by contacting professional family law attorney.

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Do not try to “wing it” when it comes to divorce in Florida. Divorce takes time and it takes time for the courts to sort through your specific case. Attempting to move to a new state or country during the divorce process will cause problems if you do not file the appropriate paperwork with the courts and inform them of your decision to move. Alternately, attempting to traverse the courts without professional legal counsel can cause problems as well. If you are thinking about moving during, before, or after divorce in Florida, contact professional legal counsel to proceed. Otherwise, you will be wasting money, time, and stress over a complex situation best left to professionals.