Does Religion Make a Difference Regarding Divorce?

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Religion is an important aspect to a relationship, but in regards to legal matters, religion has little effect. This is confusing to most people because their Religion is a controlling factor in their lives. They generally expect their Religious believes to be fully understood by the courts, when in reality, the court does not deal with Religious reasons/convictions for Divorce. The court of Florida will simply make a judgement regarding the relationship in question based upon facts. Religious beliefs and customs will bear no effect on the court’s decision.

How does Religion affect Divorce??

  • Religions have had a large amount of influence on our lives for a long time. There are scriptures dedicated to marriage and the penalties for Divorce or Adultery has been historically severe. Only until recent times has the vast majority of marriages and divorces been realized in a capacity vacant of Religion. This means that people are freely able to marry and divorce with no Religious affiliation thanks to modern legal advances. Religions have started to adapt to modern ideals, such as Catholicism and Christianity. The Catholic Pope recently acknowledged that divorced couples, children of divorce, and members of “irregular” families are all allowed God’s mercy. The Pope believes that all people should be treated with respect and consideration.

Do different Religions have to go through different types of Divorce in Florida?

  • No. All Religious affiliations are put aside for Divorce. The court system treats all Divorces equally under the eyes of the law and will only make decisions based on the facts of the case. Judges may make special accommodations for special cases, but these accommodations will always have to do with personal requests, rather than religious requests.

What about with Same Sex Divorce?

  • Nope. Just like Religious affiliations are put aside, sexual preference is put aside regarding Divorce. Judges view all persons equal in regards to Divorce. They will only make judgements based on the facts of the case. This is an area that the courts and Religion still do not agree. For example, The Pope has said God will give mercy to individuals of divorce, but he continued that this does not extend to people of same sex marriages because God does not recognize same sex marriages. Thankfully, the court of Florida disagrees.

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Ultimately, Religion makes no difference regarding Divorce in Florida. Although Religions are adapting to meet modern ideas, such as the Pope acknowledging that “every person should be treated with respect and consideration, regardless of sexual orientation”, the acceptance of same sex marriages is lagging. Speak with a qualified, professional attorney like Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. to find out more details regarding Divorce. There are aspects that actually matter that couples ignore because they focus on issues they think the court will take into consideration.