Age Differences and Divorce in Florida

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

It turns out that Matrimony doesn’t always last forever. There are stats and studies to try and get to the bottom of why couples get Divorced. One of the most prevalent reasons is the age gap. It turns out that couples 20 years apart in age are 95% more likely to get a Divorce compared to couples of the same age. It seems that getting married to someone past the 30 year age gap is similar to investing in a boat. Only do it if you can afford the costs involved. Before you take the plunge, have a chat with an experienced Family Law Attorney, Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. Mark will help straighten out any legal problems you might have regarding Divorce in Florida.

Does Age make a difference with Divorce in Florida?

  • Just about everything makes a difference with Divorce in Florida, but the age gap does make a statistical difference with Divorce in Florida. Whether it is conscious or not, when couples vary in age by more than 35 years, the rate of divorce sky rockets. A couple is statistically more likely to stay together the closer their birth dates. This could be for any number of reasons, but it seems that the closer in age two people are, the longer they stay attracted to each other.

Why does Age make a difference with Divorce in Florida?

  • There are many factors that give reason to why age makes a difference with the Divorce Rates in Florida. One such factor is shared interests. When a married couple’s ages differ significantly, they have experienced life at different generational points. With only an age gap of 20 years, one person in the relationship has experienced life without the Internet, and the other person has never known the world without the Internet. This may seem inconsequential, but when years of reference points differ between two people, relationships fall apart.

Are statistics on the Age Gap and Divorce in Florida guaranteed?

  • Statistics about the Age Gap and Divorce Rates in Florida are just a representation of what usually happens with the base population. Your marriage could last longer or shorter than predicted by statistics because statistics are never guaranteed. A famous fictional character once said, “Never tell me the odds.” When it comes to Divorce and the Age Gap, the odds are not good when the age gap is large.

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The age difference and divorce rate in Florida shed a glaring light on age differentials and divorces. Age is a good predictor when guessing whether a divorce is in the future of a relationship or not. Of course, statistics can be wrong and there are outliers on every corner, but the simple fact remains that if two people are more than 30 years apart and decide to get married, there is a large chance they will end their relationship in Divorce. If you are worried about Divorce and are looking for legal advice, contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. They will be able to help.