After Divorce, New Relationships and Kids in Florida

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Dealing with family issues after Divorce is no easy task. Children can bring added stress to any situation, especially to a parent attempting to build a new relationship. Introducing a new relationship to children can lead to a multitude of responses depending upon how and when the relationship is introduced. If a Divorce occurred recently, and a new relationship is introduced immediately, there may be negative reactions from children involved in the family dynamic. Every family relationship is different, and it is up to you to decide when the best time to introduce a new relationship to the family dynamic.

How long should I wait before introducing my children to a new relationship after divorce?

  • You should wait however long is suggested by a trained professional. If affording a trained professional is an issue, then you must decide for yourself. The cost of maintaining a relationship with your child is an important factor to weigh when engaging in a relationship after Divorce. Often times, if the children are young, they are directly impacted by a new parent brought into their lives. Have realistic expectations about your child’s thoughts towards a new relationship. Bringing over a stranger to spend the night in their old parent’s bed would be upsetting to only the most jaded of individuals. Think things through before engaging in a new relationship immediately following a divorce and have consideration for your children when making decisions that could affect their lives as well as yours.

How do children react when being introduced to a parent having a new relationship?

  • Every situation varies, but children are like sponges. A negative influence brought into their lives at a young age could lead to detrimental issues later in life. Children absorb more information than they analyze and it is important to reassure them that a new partner will never replace their other parent. Also, be aware that most children hold resentment towards a parent when they begin a new relationship. Children do this because they think they will have to share their parent with a stranger.

Is there any specific way to introduce my child, children, to my new relationship after divorce?

  • There are healthy ways to introduce a child to a new relationship after Divorce, and there are unhealthy ways. A healthy example would be waiting an appropriate amount of time after Divorce to start bringing a new relationship around to meet the children. An unhealthy example would be bringing a new relationship into the picture before Divorce occurs, and encouraging children to lie to one parent or the other about said new relationship. Always attempt to seek out a healthy solution to introducing a new relationship after Divorce.

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Introducing your new relationship to children of a past relationship can be stressful. However, if you properly take the time to introduce the new relationship to your children, the chances of tension and stress lower considerably. Be cautious immediately after Divorce. Getting into casual relationships is normal, but be prudent and watch out for rebound relationships. Avoid introducing casual relationships to children, and take your time introducing someone when you have found yourself in a serious relationship again.