Child Support and Who Pays in Florida

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Child support is an important aspect of divorce. When a couple in Florida decides they are going to get a divorce, they have to decide on the best course of financial support for their children. Unfortunately, children usually suffer the most during a divorce. Each parent has a right to child support, and it makes it a difficult subject to hash out in court because personal opinion is difficult to interpret. This is why it is necessary to have a State Bar Licensed Attorney on your side before you attempt to petition the courts for child support. The Law offices of Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. are here to help the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County areas of Florida with their child support and Family Law needs. If you need to consult with an attorney about your Child Support case, contact Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. today.

Are step parents obligated to Pay Child Support in Florida?

A stepparent is not obligated to pay for child support. It may be in the step parent’s best interest to support the child, but the courts will not hold a stepparent responsible for child support. The role of a stepparent does not start and stop at the dollar sign. When you take the role of a stepparent to a child below the age of majority, it is important to take an active role in the upbringing of the child. The more support available, the better chances the child has of growing up into a well adjusted adult.

How long are parents obligated to pay child support in Florida?

Biological parents and adoptive parents must support a child until the child reaches the age of majority, the child goes on active military duty, the child is emancipated by a court, or the parents’ rights have been terminated(adoption). It is important to keep note of these events when dealing with adoption.

Can I take my case back to the courts when I think my ex-wife is restricting my access to my kids?

Yes. If you feel that your ex spouse is keeping you away from your child and your legal rights of visitation, then your best option is get in touch with your attorney and petition the courts to reinforce your rights. This is the proper way to handle any pettiness from your ex spouse. Getting into a petty squabble with your ex spouse is detrimental to the children. Let a qualified, State Bar Licensed attorney like Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. handle the pettiness in front of a judge on your behalf.

Children are an unfortunate victim of divorce. They usually suffer unnecessary stress and are at higher risk for future problems in life. This is one of the many reasons the court of Florida issue child support. If you are going to court for child support in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach county Florida, contact Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. to have your case reviewed by a State Bar Licensed Attorney. Mark has years of knowledge and experience practicing Family Law in Florida.