Florida Mediation Conference

by | May 5, 2015 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

The mediation process is used in many family law cases in Florida. This is because it has proven to work for both parties involved, and it allows for the power of the decision to remain with the persons involved with the case. No judge or jury is involved and the mediator is there to work with both parties to negotiate an agreement between you and your spouse. This is the main use of a mediation conference.

How does a Mediation Conference work in Florida?

It works similarly to other mediation conferences. When you arrive to the mediation conference, you and your lawyer will be escorted into a separate room from your spouse and their lawyer. In this room, you will be introduced to the mediator and he or she will explain what they are there to do. They are only there to mediate between the two parties. Anything you discuss with the mediator can be kept confidential from your spouse. Once you have made your arguments clear as to what your position on the issues in your case are, the mediator will go discuss your position with your spouse and their lawyer. If you have specific perspectives on certain issues, be sure to make them known to the mediator. This will allow them to advocate your positions more efficiently with your spouse and their lawyer.

Why use a Mediation Conference?

Even during a stressful, or nasty, divorce, mediation conferences are more advantageous to both parties than trying to settle in court. If you take your problems to a judge, then you will be dealing with a third party who knows neither of the clients and will make a final decision on both of your lives. With mediation, the decision is yours and yours alone to take or refuse.

When should I use a Mediation Conference?

The time to use a mediation conference is anytime you are dealing with a family law case in Florida. Mediation has proven effective, time and time again.
Mediation conferences are a great tool to wade through the stress of a divorce and family law situation in Florida. The main objective is to leave the conference with all issues resolved and a signed agreement between the two parties to present to court. If you are in Florida, and need an attorney for a mediation conference, contact the law offices of Sawicki P.A. We will gladly help you through the mediation process and advocate for you. We provide comprehensive family and divorce legal services.