When does Florida child support end?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Florida Family Law

Divorces are fraught with legal questions and agreements. One of the most common components of a divorce with children is child support orders. Florida law requires that both parents are responsible for maintaining a child’s welfare, though, the arrangements may not be uniform. If you are considering a divorce, or already have a divorce order in place, you may be wondering when Florida child support ends.

When does child support typically stop?

Florida law dictates that child support orders can exist for either one, both parents or a third party, while the child is a minor. Generally, this means that child support lasts until the child’s 18th birthday.

But, there are exceptions to this law. First, if the child is physically or mentally unable to care for themselves past their 18th birthday, child support could last much longer. Second, if the parents agree on an altered arrangement, then, child support can last after the child’s 18th birthday. Remember, you can negotiate most parts of a divorce settlement, if both parties are open to it, but you must also abide by Florida law.

Last thoughts

Whether you are planning a divorce in West Palm Beach or Brevard County, or already have a divorce finalized, child support arrangements are important to consider. And, if you have an order already in place, it is not set in stone. Child support orders can be altered or amended, if you have a change in your finances.

In addition to child support, there are many other considerations with children, like custody and visitation agreements. If you need any help discussing divorce or mediation options, a family law attorney can help guide your discussion, be an advocate for your goals and have a keen awareness of our state’s parental rights and responsibilities laws.