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Category: Florida Family Law

Family law has a wide range of issues that are covered under the field. Having someone who is experienced in all areas of family law will ensure each Client the best chance of success. I am happy to provide consultation in all areas of family law including divorce, alimony, name changes, modifications of child support, and many more.

Harassment Lawsuit (In Laws)

Nov 20, 2019
My fiancé passed away in March. His parents are suing me for items I supposedly have in my home such tools and clothes. Things of that nature which I do...

Marital Settlement

Nov 20, 2019
We are not looking to get divorced now. However, we do want to have a valid and legal marital settlement agreement in place. Is this something I can have just...

Guardianship (Nieces and Nephews)

Nov 20, 2019
My sister passed away April. She left behind 2 children. One child, who is 14 years old, has never spent time with her biological father and he is willing to...

Unmarried Mother Moving Out of State

Oct 16, 2019
Q: Mother and daughter live with her parents. The parents are moving out of state of Florida. The parents want both daughter and granddaughter to come with them. The father...

Deceased Husband Home Sale

Oct 16, 2019
Q: I live in Florida. My husband is deceased. He and I were both on the title of the home. If I want to sell the home do I need...

Deceased Father Name Change

Oct 16, 2019
Q: Father is deceased and I’m the only child he has. The judge told my mother to change my name or add my last name. He can use both due...

Petition for Paternity

Oct 16, 2019
Q: My girlfriend and I broke up in October of last year. I have been watching my kids all because I got mad that her new boyfriend was on probation...

Does my ex husband have the right to demand to meet my new boyfriend if I have kids?

Oct 4, 2019
I am in a relationship and I have recently allowed my boyfriend to sleep over while my children are home. My ex-husband is now demanding to know his full name...

Visitation Verbiage and School Schedules

Oct 4, 2019
How do you interpret “the parties shall equally divide the summer vacation on a week-on/week-off rotation commencing the first Friday (Father’s week) after school is released for summer break”? My...

Retroactive Child Support for an incarcerated spouse

Oct 4, 2019
We live in Florida. My ex has been in prison for 10 years. He has been paying child support on his other child but not ours because I don’t allow...
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