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Category: Florida Family Law

Family law has a wide range of issues that are covered under the field. Having someone who is experienced in all areas of family law will ensure each Client the best chance of success. I am happy to provide consultation in all areas of family law including divorce, alimony, name changes, modifications of child support, and many more.

Work with an experienced family law attorney to protect your children

Mar 18, 2020
Florida child custody laws are a difficult for all clients. Even though the presumption in Florida is 50/50 time-sharing, every case is unique. A family law attorney is your best...

Job (Summer Associate)

Mar 17, 2020
Mark E. Sawicki, local Family Law Attorney, is not taking a summer break when it comes to expanding the minds of future young family law attorneys. While constantly striving to...

Temporary Custody

Mar 3, 2020
I am filing for 50% custody, but I want visitations in the meantime because my child’s mother will not allow me to see her. She keeps taking her away from...


Mar 3, 2020
My 16-year-old granddaughter no longer wants to live with me. The courts gave me custody when she was a baby. Her parents are not in the picture. The DCF lawyer...

Step Children Living Arrangements

Mar 3, 2020
My step daughter wants to move in with me. She is my step daughter of over 15 years. I was there at her birth. She wants to come live with...

Electronic Messages in a Divorce

Mar 3, 2020
My wife and I will be going through a divorce very soon. She has stated via text messages with my father (yes, I have copies of the text messages) that...

Business in Divorce

Mar 3, 2020
I’m currently in the process of divorcing a spouse with a business that was established during the marriage of 27 years. My husband is postponing his financials with the company...

Non-Resident Divorce

Feb 24, 2020
Can I get a divorce if both of us are non-residents and we got married in Florida? Both of us are from different countries. We been working on cruise ships...

Filing for Divorce

Feb 24, 2020
I went to the courthouse and was given an enormous stack of paper work to file for divorce, probably 75-100 pages. I read online just to file for divorce I...

Travel, Parenting Plan

Feb 24, 2020
I told my child’s mother I was planning a cruise for an end of year gift to my child. I have done this for the past several years prior. The...
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