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Category: Florida Family Law

Family law has a wide range of issues that are covered under the field. Having someone who is experienced in all areas of family law will ensure each Client the best chance of success. I am happy to provide consultation in all areas of family law including divorce, alimony, name changes, modifications of child support, and many more.

How long are divorce papers valid before filing?

Jan 23, 2020
How long are divorce papers valid before filing? I signed the divorce papers 4 years ago, yet my ex never filed them, and I just found out she did it...

Giving Up Parental Rights

Jan 23, 2020
My daughters father sent my oldest daughter a text this morning, saying he will not be calling them anymore. That he can’t take care of them like he wants to,...

International Divorce

Jan 23, 2020
How do I get a divorce when spouse lives in Miami and I live in the Caribbean?   If you are a Florida resident (meaning you have resided here at...

Paternity Action

Jan 23, 2020
My ex-girlfriend and I aren’t together, and she just gave birth to our daughter. I don’t want to wait for her to request child support. I want to pay my...

Injunction Violations

Jan 6, 2020
I have an injunction on my ex-fiancé for domestic violence and fleeing with our daughters. The injunction covers both myself and our infant daughters. I’m wondering if I’m able to...

Restraining Order Against a Minor

Jan 6, 2020
What are the rules to serve a minor (8 years old) a restraining order? Can they serve without a parent present or can it simply be an adult? Can they...

Back Child Support to a Nonbiological Parent

Jan 6, 2020
I went to prison and my daughter’s mother signed her custody rights over to the godmother. Can I owe back child support if my daughter’s mother signed over her parental...

Custody during the holidays

Dec 20, 2019
Child custody issues are always difficult for the children involved, especially during the holidays. The first few holidays after a divorce, when the child is still getting used to parents...

Cancel A Restraining Order

Dec 10, 2019
I filed a dating violence restraining order my boyfriend, but things have calmed down. I decided I don’t want to pursue this anymore. Can I cancel a restraining order on...

Relocation during a Parenting Plan

Dec 10, 2019
I currently get the kids every other weekend and every Wednesday evening. I’ve been out of work and was unable to pay child support for the last month. I have...
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