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Tag: family law

Custody during the holidays

Dec 20, 2019
Child custody issues are always difficult for the children involved, especially during the holidays. The first few holidays after a divorce, when the child is still getting used to parents...

Divorce after Leaving Florida

Oct 7, 2017
Getting away from an ex partner before, during, and after a divorce is common and understandable. However, do not just pick up and move the moment divorce is mentioned because...

Restraining Order in Florida

Jul 5, 2016
There are few things in this world that are unacceptable on every level, and one of those things is domestic violence. The legal ramifications of proven domestic violence are extreme...

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (How to Get One)

Jun 24, 2016
Domestic Violence is a problem that must be dealt with in order to stop it from occurring again. The best option for immediate, legal action to Domestic Violence is to...

Does Religion Make a Difference Regarding Divorce?

Jun 16, 2016
Religion is an important aspect to a relationship, but in regards to legal matters, religion has little effect. This is confusing to most people because their Religion is a controlling...

Drug or Alcohol Problems for Floridians

Jun 9, 2016
Drug and Alcohol Dependency is a major problem for Floridians. Dependency can affect all aspects of daily life and will affect loved ones, friends, and family. Legal issues related to...

Disestablishment of Paternity

Jun 2, 2016
Life brings all sorts of issues our way every day. Sometimes these issues are as simple as finding staples for the stapler in your house. And sometimes, these issues can...

Same Sex Name Changes

May 28, 2016
Now that Same Sex marriage is legal nationwide(a couple states will do what they do), Same Sex couples are realizing that they can legally change their names. This has created...

Name Changes in Florida, Are They Hard To Do

May 21, 2016
Name Changes in Florida are hard to do if you attempt them yourself. It takes time filling out the proper paperwork, finding the proper circuit court to file the paperwork,...

Should A Professional Change Their Name When Getting Married

May 17, 2016
Last names have become a hot topic these days because Social Media and Social Networking has enabled a new level of self branding. People are constantly reminded of each other's...
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