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Florida paternity issues stem from the questions of paternity between a father and minor child. Since this is a sensitive area of family law, you should always consult a family law attorney to pursue matters of paternity or paternity testing.

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Paternity is a legal term that refers to the establishment or refutation of a man’s fatherhood to a child. Unlike in the case of maternity, which is easy to confirm or deny, paternity lawsuits can be a long and tedious battle in court, supported by various scientific tests and testimonies.
There are two basic assumptions connected to paternity:
    1. A man who has paternity of a child will have legal responsibility for the child, regardless of whether he is married or not married to the child’s mother.
    2. A woman’s husband has “presumed paternity” over any child born of the woman.

Paternity lawsuits are usually filed in cases where there is:

• Uncertainty over who fathered a child usually brought on by a child having more than one possible father.

• A question on the extent of parental rights and responsibilities as a father.

With the use of law, testimonies, and scientific testing, these kinds of cases may be settled by a court.

Establishing or disputing paternity is useful in many other cases. The most common of these is during divorce cases, in which establishing paternity can help a man get custody, access, and/or visitation rights to a child while disputing paternity can help a man avoid paying child support. Results of paternity cases are also helpful in cases involving inheritance. Paternity can also be useful in settling issues in child support, insurance, access, and division of rights and responsibilities over a child when the father and mother are not married. This can also be the basis for getting important legal paternity rights.

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