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Child relocation in Florida involves a court process or agreement between parents that allows children to relocate for the benefit of either party or the children.
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The issue of child relocation can be a hard topic between former spouses. On one hand, the parent who has custody of the child may need to relocate due to work, family, health, or other circumstances. On the other hand, child relocation triggers concerns that the non-custodial parent may not be able to get access to a child, which may cause a wedge between the child and the parent. While the law cannot prevent all these emotional entanglements, it has laid out guidelines on how the interests of the child and both parents can be balanced against each other.

The law is very clear that while the custodial parent has the right to relocate the child, he or she cannot do so without the express agreement of the other parent. Most states also require that the non-custodial parent be given enough, if not equal to the other parent’s, parenting time with the child. Like child custody cases, the law also makes the “best interest of the child” a priority in deciding whether a request for child relocation can be approved by the court. Consultation with a legal expert is the best way to determine how these legal guidelines can affect a child relocation case.

The process of child relocation should begin with the custodial parent filing a request with a court. Usually, the court will issue a notification to the other parent, who may or may not contest the child relocation. In the latter case, a hearing may be scheduled by the court, in which it will study what will be best for the child, in terms of whether or not the child can be relocated and if so, how the non-custodial parent can have access and exercise parental rights to the child after the relocation.

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