Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Divorce is a legal option that spouses can pursue when one or both parties have come to the point where they can no longer continue with their marriage. The end of a marriage is nearly always fraught with complications, but through established legal processes, people can take care of some fundamentals of ending a marriage, namely the financial and legal aspects.

If one or both of the spouses have decided to end the marriage by divorce, then it is best to prepare for the proceedings. Start by getting answers to questions such as those explored below.

What do you need to do to get divorced in Florida?

Do not assume that just because you live in Florida, you can be granted a quick divorce here. There are varying legalities that govern divorce cases in different states and you may need to undergo a period of marriage therapy or meet other requirements. Depending on who lived where and when, it may be necessary for you to file for divorce in another state.

No matter what your issues or obstacles are, I can help you understand and fulfill what you need to complete to file for divorce in Florida.

Who gets what when assets are divided?

Divorce proceedings will help a couple iron out details of how their assets and liabilities will be divided. Alimony (also called spousal support) and child-related issues such as child support may also be part of a Florida divorce. The evaluation and application of any existing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements may also come into play.

Whether the split is amicable or adversarial, it is advisable for each of the spouses to get the representation of a divorce attorney to ensure that agreements and arrangements are equitable. The importance of experienced legal counsel stands out especially in high-asset divorce cases involving couples with sizable properties and valuable, complex asset portfolios.

As an attorney with years of business law experience, I am uniquely qualified to assist in contested or uncontested divorces that involve family businesses or companies. I can help you devise strategies to preserve or cash out of a business or professional practice that either one or both of you operate.

Who gets the children?

A divorce between parents who share minor children will determine the fate of children born to the couple before or during the marriage. Many divorcing parents find this to be the most critical area of controversy. During the divorce proceedings, child custody, visitation rights, child support, and other details regarding the care of the children will be addressed until the couple comes to an acceptable agreement for the care and upbringing of the children by their soon-to-be-divorced parents.

When parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, a trial may be necessary and a judge will be the one to decide. This path is almost never optimal since judges do not know the inner world of a family. When I represent parents in divorce cases, I work hard to ensure that my clients have as much say as possible in the decision-making that will affect their children’s well-being and their family’s dynamics for years to come.

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