What to do when alimony comes up during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Florida Family Law

Alimony can be a primary concern for divorcing spouses when one spouse receives a request to make a payment to the other spouse following their divorce. Because alimony is likely to come up during a divorce, it is helpful for divorcing spouses to be familiar with how alimony is determined during the divorce process.

Factors used to determine alimony

Alimony is determined during divorce by taking a look at a variety of different factors. One factor that is closely considered is the duration of the marriage. Other factors that are considered include:

  • The length of the marriage.
  • The standard of living the couple enjoyed while they were married.
  • The ages of the spouses.
  • The physical and emotional conditions of the spouses.
  • The financial resources of each of the spouses.
  • The earning capacities of each of the spouses.
  • The income-producing capacities of each of the assets each of the spouses is receiving in the property division settlement agreement.
  • The time that would be necessary for one of the spouses to acquire the education and training necessary to secure appropriate employment.
  • Any services rendered by homemaking or child rearing by one of the spouses.
  • Any contributions to the education or career building of the other spouse by one of the spouses.

Divorce can be a challenging process but being prepared for what will come up during it, and how to face those divorce-related concerns, can help divorcing couples better navigate that challenging process. Because alimony is likely to come up during many divorces, it is helpful to be familiar with the factors used to determine if alimony will be awarded and for how much and how long. This will help divorcing couples better prepare for the alimony conversation during their divorce.