Parenting after Divorce in Florida

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Divorce, divorce, divorce is the only thing on your mind when you are going through a divorce. Although important and life impacting, there are other aspects of a divorce that need to be taken care of above all else. The most important behavior to maintain throughout a divorce is to be a good parent. It is understandable to have deep emotions during a divorce, but it is important not to take those emotions out on your child. The responsibility you have for your children supersedes your emotions towards your ex-spouse and should always weigh above any spiteful decisions you might have towards your ex.

How should my parenting change after Divorce?

  • Try to act civil with each other . Do not try to do spiteful things towards your ex while divorced. There is nothing to benefit and your children will suffer for your actions. The courts may get involved if your behavior begins to directly affect your children and your ex-spouse will likely hold it against you in future court hearings. Create and maintain a positive environment for you and your children and ignore any attempts by your ex-spouse to ruin the environment you create for your children.

My ex is making my life miserable and the kids are involved, what should I do?

  • The best thing to do is ignore it. If things get violent or to the point of real threats, seek help from law enforcement and a qualified attorney. Otherwise, simple rude gestures or mean comments should be ignored for the sake of your children. Parenting is an obligation that overrides your emotions towards your ex partner. You are responsible for your children and proper parenting is essential to raising a child without problems. Deviating from being a good parent is not suggested as your visitation rights may be provoked by a divorce judge due to your behavior and actions. Always keep that in mind when dealing with your ex partner and children.

Are there ways to be a better parent after Divorce?

  • Absolutely. Parenting is not a skill people are born with and it takes learning to properly understand the responsibilities of being a parent. Learning about parenting and actively taking a role in your child’s life is the best way to approach parenting, whether together or divorced. Making mistakes is part of the job, but learning from those mistakes and growing as a parent are also part of the job. Being a divorced parent is not something new and it is not something you can walk away from. Take responsibility for your children after your divorce, and if you feel the burden is too much to bear, feel free to contact proper legal counsel to discuss matters further.

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Do not let the emotions of your divorce turn you into a bad parent. You can lose the rights to visit your kids if you turn into a bad parent because of a divorce, and the courts will show you no sympathy. Understand that divorcing your partner does not mean you are no longer a parent. Becoming a parent is a responsibility not to be taken lightly, and it is up to you to maintain a healthy relationship with your children throughout divorce proceedings. If you have any questions regarding parenting during a divorce, feel free to search for professional assistance. There is no shame in trying to be a better parent for your children.