Divorce and Social Media Do Not Mix

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Social media posts are public. Let me repeat, social media posts are public. This means that even if you click the “friends only” tab to post your information, it is still considered public. Divorce and social media do not mix. After divorce, emotions are flying and lots of bad decisions take place. Do not risk having more problems by going on Social Media to rant and rave about your ex. This type of behavior will do nothing to benefit you and everything to harm your divorce proceedings.

Why is Social Media and Divorce bad?

  • Any post you make on Social Media can be used against you in a court of law. This goes equally for Divorce proceedings. If you are trying to acquire an amicable divorce with equitable distribution of property, stay off of social media. If you post about excessive use of credit cards or bank accounts to spite your ex, this can be used against you. If you post about illegal activities or bad behavior to spite your ex, this can be used against you. Nothing on Social Media will be used to help you, so the best rule of thumb is to stay off it completely during, before, and directly after divorce proceedings.

What are some examples of bad behavior on Social Media?

  • Posting about hidden property, illegal activities, bad behavior(when children are involved), or general misconduct towards your ex are examples of legally bad behavior on Social Media. These types of activities can be used against you in family courts of Florida. It is best to avoid posting anything at all if you are unsure about posting something on Social Media.

What can happen if my Social Media is filled with examples of legally bad behavior?

  • Speak with a competent attorney to discuss matters of old Social Media posts. There are ways to show that your past posts do not reflect your current situation and it takes a keen legal mind to properly present this information to a judge reviewing your Social Media profiles/posts. Attempting to defend yourself in these matters is far more difficult than expected because it takes experience to properly present legal arguments to a court.

Whom should I call regarding Social Media problems and Divorce in Florida?

  • Call Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. regarding Social Media problems and Divorce in Florida. Having a competent, professional attorney on your side to go over your Social Media use is the only way to know if your conduct will get you in trouble with the courts or not. Asking a family member or friend may make you feel better, but the courts do not work off emotions. They will scour your entire Social Media profiles to make decisions regarding your divorce case. Avoid any problems by talking to our team of professionals before going to the courtroom for your divorce.

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The best advice we can give during Divorce is to stay off Social Media completely. If you are compelled to post anything about you ex, the only results will be negative and will hurt your Divorce proceedings. If you absolutely can not avoid using Social Media, speak with a professional lawyer like Mark E. Sawicki, P.A. to fully understand the repercussions of what you are posting on Social Media.