Alimony Reform in a Long-term Marriage

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

Florida politicians have made Alimony Reform a target of recent bills and they seem to be picking up steam. The change included in the bills are ever present because people are already talking about reducing their Alimony payments if the bill passes. However, this has an adverse effect on an ex spouse relying on Alimony to make ends meet. This leaves people in a particularly nasty situation where they have to wait on politicians to decide the fate of their Alimony payments. The best thing to do is to discuss your Alimony situation with a qualified family law attorney to get to the bottom of the matter before it is too late.

Why do I have to pay the amount I do for Alimony?

  • Alimony agreements are specific to your case and how much the judge decides is the amount you pay. Alimony has always been a topic of discussion among legal minds because the guidelines and rules have always been up to the judge to decipher. This has held many Alimony agreements in question due to the decisions of the judge presiding over the case. Even judges have voiced concern about the guidelines necessary to follow when deciding an Alimony case. This is why Alimony reform has been the topic of debate in the political sphere for the last few electoral cycles. People, lawyers, and judges want a set guideline to follow when deciding Alimony agreements. Hopefully, the latest Alimony Reform bill will make these guidelines available to everyone.

Will my Alimony payments change in amount due to recent reform?

  • Yes and no. It is important to understand how and why your Alimony payments might change in amount due to recent reform and the best way to find out is to contact a qualified, family law attorney. The changes to Alimony payments will appear as your rate increases under the current statute, as the current statute is strictly based upon need versus ability to pay. This gives judges great discretion in the amount of Alimony that is owed, but if current reform passes, your Alimony payments may be subject to change depending upon your financial situation.

How do I make sure I am paying the right amount of Alimony?

  • The only way to find out if you are paying the correct amount of Alimony is to discuss the matter with the courts and a competent family law attorney. If Alimony reform is passed by the Governor, then your Alimony payments may be up for change. It is in your best interest to speak with an experienced attorney who can guide you through any modifications that would work in your benefit.

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Current Alimony statutes leave the decisions strictly to a judge’s discretion. With recent Alimony Reform bills put forth, the judge’s discretion will be set by stricter guidelines which attorneys and clients will be fully aware. Hopefully this reform will pass and Alimony agreements will be made simpler for everyone to understand and abide by. Otherwise, we will be stuck with the current system and judges will hold all the power over Alimony amounts.