The New Brady Bunch, the Blended Family of Florida

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Firm News, Florida Family Law

A successful Blended Family in Florida takes work. No more work than a traditional family, but a Blended Family comes with its own set of challenges. Overcoming these challenges takes patience, understanding, and a loving family environment. If you are having legal issues with your Blended Family and need legal counseling about Divorce, child custody, or any other aspect of Family Law, contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Sawicki, P.A.

What are the differences between a successful Blended Family and an unsuccessful Blended Family?

  • Communication and understanding are the main differences between a successful Blended Family and an unsuccessful Blended Family. When family members from one family merge with another family due to marriage, the transition can become jaded and rough if there is little to no communication. Step relatives may grow distant from biological relatives due to lack of respect and empathy.

Are children impacted differently in a Blended Family?

  • Depending upon the environment created by the parents, children may be impacted differently in a Blended Family. This means that family dynamics, like holidays, social events, parties, and other similar functions may leave children feeling confused or like an outcast. These feelings can be overcome by giving family members the ability to express their feelings. Understand what they are saying and feeling, and give them an outlet to release their stress, tension, and bottled up emotions. Children have difficulty voicing their feelings when they feel they have no one to listen.

Is there anything else that should be known about Blended Families in Florida?

  • Blended Families are becoming more common as the Divorce rate rises. Not only has the rate risen, but people are inclined to remarry. More and more people are finding that they want to try again after their first marriage fails. More remarriages means more blended families. This cycle continues because people are not changing their habits. The only way to break this cycle is if you use patience and understanding to deal with family problems. Respect every family member’s emotions and circumstances will change for the better.

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Blending Families in Florida is no different than Blending Families in any other state. The difficulty lies within the family itself. Creating a positive, open environment while taking time to introduce every member of a Blended Family is the best approach. There will be initial tension, and there are no quick fixes to alleviating the awkwardness of becoming family with strangers. However, a successful Blended Family is obtainable through patience and understanding. Achieving a successful Blended Family in Florida is a process. It takes hard work, effort, and love to reach happiness within a Blended Family.